US Poker Rooms Accepting MoneyGram

Having as much choice as possible is always something that should be considered a good thing but US poker players have not been able to boast about having too many choices of late. Online US poker players have suffered through a lack of US friendly poker rooms and when they have managed to find a poker site that is available to them, they have often found that the payment methods are not good enough. When you are looking for US real money poker sites, not having viable payment methods is going to be bad news.

Not everyone has a Visa or MasterCard and not everyone wants to use them for their online transactions. For some sites, this means that players have no viable option to fund their account but there are options available on some US poker sites. The Moneygram deposit method is not the one that most people think of first but it does provide a great option for players looking to fund their poker account while staying safe as they play online poker.

Which US Poker Rooms Accept MoneyGram in 2017?


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Ignition Poker - Uses the Rapid Transfer Service!

When it comes to poker sites, Ignition is a name that can definitely be trusted. This is true ona global scale but the fact that Ignition has developed a strong reputation in the US poker market indicates all you need to know. This is a site that offers everything you could want, including great bonuses when you sign up and it is a big draw on the online poker circuit. With Moneygram transfers available, this is a site you can rely on.


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BetOnline Poker - Fast Transfers + Cash Bonus!

BetOnline has worked hard to earn its reputation as one of the biggest and best US poker rooms and it has every intention of staying there. There are many great games and tournaments on offer while a lot of players are very appreciative of the great bonuses that are offered when signing up. When signing up and making an initial deposit, players will find that the Moneygram option is a great choice for all concerned.


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SportsBook Poker - Accepts WU Poker, Casino, Betting!

When it comes to finding a US poker site, the choices may be somewhat limited but the option is always worth checking out. This site provides a good range of games and it provides casino and sports book opportunities as well. Any player that wants a wider online gaming experience for US players would be advised to check this site out. With the added bonus of Moneygram payments being available too, this is a site that is worth a visit.


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SportsBetting Poker - Play Poker, Casino or Bet On Sports!

The site has long been a strong option for US poker players and this remains the case today. There is a lot to be said about being comfortable with your online options and there are many reasons why people would choose this site. The games are good, the site plays well, there are plenty of tournaments on offer and the deposit methods are varied, which means you can use a Moneygram option if you so desire.

How To Fund Deposits With Moneygram

In order to be able to deposit funds to a poker room while using Moneygram, an account needs to be created with Moneygram. This means opening up an account online or going into a Moneygram store. The next step is to fill out a senders form where you will need to fill in the details of the poker room and once this is complete and the financial transaction has occurred; Moneygram will conclude the transfer for you. There are fees associated with Moneygram and these have to be paid at the time as well.

If you pay with a debit or credit card, you may notice that the receipt lists Rapid Transfer instead of Moneygram. There is nothing to be worried about with this as the two companies are virtually the same thing.

Are There Fees When Using Moneygram?

Even though Moneygram provides an easy, convenient and safe way to deposit funds into a US poker room, there are fees involved with the transaction. It is not uncommon for fees to cost between 2% and 5% of the overall deposit amount. If you use the Moneygram website, you will find a transaction fee calculator, which will help you to work out the total money that will have to be paid.

This fee is the cut that Moneygram takes for carrying out the transaction and is not received by the poker room. If you withdraw funds from your online poker room via Moneygram, there will be no fee applied, which is a positive.

Depending on how much money you are transferring to your US poker room via Moneygram, the fee can rise to a high level. With the choices between Moneygram and Western Union being similar, it makes sense to compare the two methods and determine if one holds a financial benefit for you. If it does, it makes sense to choose the option that sees you paying less in fees when you make your US online poker room transaction.

Are You Safe With Moneygram?

One of the strongest factors in choosing to make a poker deposit with Moneygram is the fact that there is safety assured with the process. Using an intermediary ensures that your details will be kept safe and cannot be compromised on site. Given the importance of staying safe online, it is fair to say that many people are looking for deposit methods like the Moneygram option to ensure that they can play with greater confidence.
All in all, the Moneygram experience is one which caters for US based players needs and should ensure that they can play the great poker games whenever they want.