Best Amex Accepted US Poker Sites / Casinos Online

When it comes to US poker site, the limited number of deposit options means that players are keen to find the safest and most reliable in the market. Whilst Visa and MasterCard are the top two options when it comes to credit cards, there are still other options that a player can take to enhance their poker deposit options.
The American Express or Amex card possibly doesn’t have the following it used to but for US poker players, it could provide the solution to their poker playing problems. A number of high profile and top quality poker sites allow players to make deposits with an Amex card, which may just be the difference between being able to deposit safely and securely, or not.

Even though some people will view Amex as a lesser option, the card is used by more than 20 million people and recent reports indicate that Amex represents just under a quarter of all credit card transactions that take place in the United States. This indicates that there is a huge market of users out there but unfortunately, not every US friendly poker site provides an Amex deposit option.


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BetOnline Poker - #1 Amex Accepted USA Poker Site!

This site is one of the best poker (and casino) sites for US players and it is no surprise that they welcome Amex payments. This site has worked hard in recent years to provide as many gaming opportunities as possible for US citizens and this includes the various deposit methods available. There is no doubt that being able to fund your poker room account is immensely important and BetOnline is proud  to say that they offer a great deal of payment options to choose from.


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SportsBetting Poker - #2 Amex Accepted USA Poker Site!

Knowing that a reputable site provides relevant payment options is often a great start for poker players but there is more to the benefits of Sportsbetting than just accepting Amex deposits. This is definitely a great starting point but there is also a welcome bonus for new players which will give a boost to your initial bankroll. is a poker room that is continuing to grow and with that comes an increase in payment methods, such as Amex.

How to Deposit to a USA Poker Room With Amex

Once you have found a United States online poker site that accepts Amex, (BetOnline and being two very good examples), the process of funding funds into your account is a simple process. Both of these sites, like the majority of US friendly poker sites, have a similar deposit set-up and turnaround times for each transaction.

Players will be asked to provide details of their account, address and perhaps even further means of identification. Once all of this has been provided and the poker room is satisfied that they asked the proper questions to validate someone’s request, it is a simple process of adding funds to your online poker room account from your card.

It is the thought of adding funds to a US poker room and the debate around the legality of the process that has so many people worried about making these transactions. The transactions themselves are nothing to worry about and you can rest assured that if a US friendly poker room is offering this kind of deposit or withdrawal option then it will be 100% legal.

Is It Safe For US Poker Players To Use Amex?

The fact that Amex cards are welcomed at so few online poker and gaming accounts, especially in comparison to Visa and MasterCard has left many poker players questioning the security or validity of these cards. No doubt some people think that using these cards may be unsafe and this is why so many poker sites do not accept this form of payment.

This is not the case though; there is a simpler reason why so many sites, and other places, do not accept an Amex payment. The fee that Amex charges a site or retailer for processing an Amex payment is higher than those charged by Visa or MasterCard and this results in many people not wishing to accepting Amex payments.

It is nothing to do with the safety or validity of these cards and users should have the same level of confidence in an Amex card that they would do with a Visa or MasterCard payment. While it is disappointing that so few sites actually accept Amex payments, when a poker player finds a site that does, they should have no qualms about using their card. When it comes to US real money poker, an Amex card is a safe poker deposit option that is valid for all poker players.