Biggest US Poker Sites

Sometimes in life, bigger is better and this is the case with a great number of online poker sites. There are some poker sites that have a big reputation and manage to stand head and shoulders above the other poker sites that players can choose from. The US online poker market is not as big as other poker markets around the world but even with that in mind, there are still some big poker sites that manage to dwarf their competitors.

Given the differences between big and small poker sites, you should see that the choice between the two will often come down to personal preference. One player may like the bigger prizes and assurance that a big poker site provides, whereas other players will prefer to feel as though their site is personally looking out for them.

When playing online, it is often best to look for the safety and security that is available and it is hard to argue with the big name poker sites in this respect. With so many people to be found on the massive poker sites, you can’t go wrong sticking with them. There are plenty of great poker sites to be found of all shapes and sizes but it is easy to see why the bigger names often prevail.

There are reasons why these large poker sites are the ideal choice for players but there may also be reasons to move away from the larger sites. Hopefully this information will help US poker fans to find the right site for their needs.

Poker Sites with the Most Traffic in 2022

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100%to $1000
100% to $2500
100% to $2500
100% to $1000

Tournament Play

When it comes to tournament play, the big sites definitely have an advantage. One of the overriding factors that a big US poker site has in its favour is the fact that it can offer more money. Having a big prize pool on offer in turn encourages players to sign up and play on the site, making the big sites even bigger! It is understandable why so many poker players will choose to play in these tournaments because this is where the money is and they can pit their wits against the biggest and best players.

One slight drawback of playing poker tournaments on a larger poker site is that the tournaments may take a lot of time. To be successful you need to make sure you put plenty of time aside to complete the tournament as they can often last a fair few hours.

Sit N Go

The larger sites once again have the monopoly over the sit and go players. With more players on site, there is less waiting around for players to take their seat at the table. When you have more players in your online poker community, these Sit N Go games are always a bit more competitive.

Bigger poker sites also have the advantage that they can offer a wider range of poker games as opposed to just the standard and massively popular Texas Hold ‘Em option. If you prefer Omaha games or mixed games then it’s much more likely that you will find these at the larger poker sites.

Benefits of Playing On A Larger Site

Aside from the fact that there are more players and more money on offer, there is a great level of comfort and assurance from playing on a bigger poker site. For a site to be deemed as big or worthy enough to play host to so many poker players, it needs to be doing the basics right.

This means that the big poker sites will be trustworthy, they will provide enough variety in their deposit methods and they will offer support and assistance when required. This is definitely something that appeals to poker players and it helps to keep the big US friendly poker sites at the top of the tree. Strength in numbers is often a term thrown around the poker industry, but it’s definitely the case with some of the leading poker sites.

Large v Small - Why The Large Sites Are Often a Better Choice

There are benefits to be gained from playing on a smaller site too though. These sites may work harder to get players on board, which can often mean that they provide better promotions or more interesting tournaments or prizes. Some people don’t like feeling as though they are a small fish in a huge pond, which is where the attractiveness of a smaller poker site comes to the fore.