US Western Union Poker Sites

When it comes to a name that can be trusted around the world, the Western Union brand is one that people can relate to. There is no doubt that in the modern era, internet payments and online deposits have seen the use of companies such as Western union reduced. But don’t feel sorry for them, in 2022 the company managed to turn over more than $5billion in revenue!

There is little doubt that using Western Union is still a more than viable way to fund your poker account as US based player. If you would rather not play with a Visa or MasterCard, choosing the Western Union provides a number of benefits that will allow you to gain access to the best US friendly poker sites. When it comes to depositing funds online, you need to do so in a safe manner and choosing Western Union is definitely a great way to do it.

Which US Poker Rooms Accept Western Union in 2022?


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Ignition Poker - Offers Poker - Casino - Sports!

Whilst a reputation should not be considered the be all and end all, there is a lot to be said for finding an online poker site that can be trusted. The Ignition name is well respected around the world but in the US, it is loved because of the wide range of US poker and gaming activities it caters for. If you wish to fund your Ignition account with a Western Union transfer, this is not a problem.


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BetOnline Poker - Instant Cash Bonus on All Deposits!

BetOnline is viewed as one of the most reliable poker rooms for US players and is a great choice for any player. There is the added bonus of being able to play casino games and place bets on sports events but the poker room excels enough on its own. With a variety of payment options, including the Western Union option, there is no excuse for not getting involved with BetOnline and accessing one of the best US friendly poker rooms.


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SportsBook Poker - Bad Beat Jackpots Are Massive!

US poker players are not exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to making the most of their online time but there are still good sites to be found. This is where the Sportsbook site manages to get a name for itself with a great range of promotions, poker games and other gaming activities. With Western Union options available to choose from, the site is a great choice for any US poker player.


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SportsBetting Poker - Best New Poker Room!

When it comes to variety and options, the site has always been one to provide players with something interesting. There is a great selection of payment options, including the Western Union payment option but it is the range of poker games that will see many players come back for more. If you want a competitive yet fun poker environment, this is a site that has to be on your radar.

How to Fund Deposits with Western Union

There are a number of steps required to fund a US poker site via Western Union deposits. It is usually necessary for a player to first contact the poker site to obtain the information which they need to provide to Western Union to enable them to send on the funds. This is not a difficult process and it can be carried out via live support with your poker site. After this, it may be necessary to contact the site again to inform them of the information from Western Union but this is usually a speedy process. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this process can be completed within one hour, providing you with a great chance to get playing in a minimum amount of time.

It is even possible to buy pre-paid Western Union cards which can be bought online or in a Western Union store. This provides another way to play and the more flexibility that is on offer, the better for everyone. Being able to walk in to a Western Union store and pay cash for a pre-paid card is a great option and should ensure that anyone that wishes to play on a US poker site will have the chance to do so. The minimum deposit when using the Western Union option for poker rooms is $50.

Are There Fees When Using Western Union?

Players should be aware that there are fees involved when it comes to using a Western Union option when playing on a US poker room. The fee will vary depending on the size of the transfer but it is not uncommon for the fees to range between $25 and $75. This can have an impact on how much money a player has to play with, so it’s likely that depending on how much you are wanting to deposit will influence your deposit method.  
The fee goes to Western Union for their role in the transaction and not the poker room. Even though there is a fee for making a deposit, the vast majority of poker rooms will not have a charge applied for making a withdrawal via this method.

There is no doubt that using the Western Union method to fund online poker playing provides benefits and flexibility but there are drawbacks associated with this method too. For a player that has no other options though, the Western Union method definitely provides something of merit.

Are You Safe With Western Union?

Apart from the added flexibility, a great benefit of using Western Union comes with the added safety and security. Using a trusted intermediary is definitely a great way to ensure that you are being looked after and will minimise the risk of your details being stolen.