Legal US Poker Sites

There is still so much confusion surrounding online poker in the United States; but let’s clear one thing up once and for all – it is not illegal to play poker in the US or as a US resident!

The introduction of the UIGEA could have made it illegal to play poker in the US but it didn’t. Instead, they chose to focus on the banks and made it illegal for banks to process payments to online gaming sites. This has made it difficult for players to find sites willing or able to accept payments from US based players but it certainly doesn’t make the activity illegal. The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) and the Safe And Secure Internet Gambling Initiative stand opposed to the work of the UIGEA.

Is It Legal To Play Real Money Poker in the USA?
Online poker for many US players is still a bit of a grey area. Or at least they think it is. Online poker is not illegal in the US! The bans have come from the payment processing side of things, not the poker playing itself. Some states have banned online gambling, although no prosecution has been made throughout the US from any state for any online gambling activity.

It isn’t always easy but there is no nationwide ban on the activity. Some states frown upon online poker and some states ban it outright so make sure that you look for your own local laws before committing to online real money poker. However, playing real money USA poker is legal in many states across the country.

Which Poker Sites Are Legal in the United States?

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Online Poker in Certain US States

Each state has their own rules and laws when it comes to gambling online, and more importantly playing online poker. With many it’s still pretty much a grey area in terms of whether you can or can’t play online.

There is no federal law that has been passed suggesting that online poker should be made illegal. As a result each state is allowed to make up their own minds with many of them not stating either way, and if they don’t state then they cannot make it illegal.

It’s worth noting that since the 2006 UIGEA bill was passed no single person has been arrested for playing online poker in the US. The companies accepting these players have seen allegations and even arrests made against them, but it’s important to remember that the whole crack down on the US poker – and gambling –scene is in an attempt to control the payment processes so the government can tax it properly. We have no doubt that once this comes into fruition then online poker will be passed legal by a federal bill.

The states that have prohibited US players from gambling online include Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin. The shining light in the whole process comes in the form of the state of Nevada who is the first –and only – US state to allow poker networks to operate out of theirs state legally and provide US based players with an online poker room.

How To Find Legitimate United States Poker Sites

Finding a United States based poker is certainly not as easy as it used to be. Gone are the days of simply picking your site and away you go, you need to spend a lot more researching which sites are currently accepting US based players.

The recent regulations and bills that have been passed throughout the industry over the past 5 years or so has meant that poker companies are very diligent these days with whom they accept through their doors. If you are a US based player wanting to play online poker then a quick browse of this site will allow you to find the best United States poker rooms on the internet.

A quick search of rooms via a search engine will bring you limited results, but as these poker rooms are new, or at least re-branded older sites, then these searches may be out of date. Check out some of the poker forums for the latest information on who’s offering up their services to the US public.