Online Poker Apps for Windows Phone / Tablets

Even though Apple iOS and Android are the two main operating systems for smart phones and tablets, they aren’t the only options available to choose from. There has been a growing awareness of the popularity of Windows as an operating system for smart phones and tablets. Given the popularity of Windows for PCs and laptops, most people are very comfortable with this operating system, which makes it an obvious choice for people looking for something that they are comfortable with. An emerging market share indicates that Windows phones are becoming increasingly popular.

This is something that businesses will have noticed and you can bet that the US poker industry is well aware of the growing popularity of Windows phones. There has been a slow change of pace in the US online poker industry with regards to providing poker apps but there is a suggestion that things are starting to take shape. Given that some of the best US poker sites have provided great mobile apps for casino games and sports betting, you can guarantee that there are plans for poker apps in the near future. If the success of Windows phones continues, it is very likely that there will be apps produced for this medium too.

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What Poker Apps Are Available for Windows Phone / Tablets?

Even though Windows phone users can access the internet and some of the free poker games, there is currently no scope for gaining access to online poker games for real money. These usually require players to download software, which is often a stumbling block when using a smart phone or tablet. This is why there is a need for a US friendly poker site to develop an app that provides for players and will give them the opportunity to play real money games on their phone or tablet. As people are becoming more mobile in their internet use, there is definitely an interest in apps that will allow players access to the things that they can get on their PCs or laptops.

It isn’t too often that you get a genuine game changer when it comes to the way that we go online and surf the web but in recent years, there has been a couple. To be honest, we are still at the beginning of internet capabilities so it is no surprise that there is a growing trend to trying new ways to get online and communicate with others. One of the startling new products in recent times has to be the Windows Surface tablet which provides plenty of solutions in one handy product.

Can I Play Real Money Poker on My Windows Phone / Tablet?

If you are not sure whether you need a laptop or a tablet, the Windows Surface could provide the perfect option. This affordable yet compact solution is an ideal way to have fun when it comes to going online and staying in touch with the world. It is therefore no surprise to see many US poker players pondering whether any big US poker site will cater for the rather unique capabilities of the Window Surface tablet.

Until the tablet proves itself on a higher standing and shows itself to be a popular choice with consumers, plans may be on hold but there is definitely a need for the big poker sites to look forward with respect to their offerings for players. The online poker industry has changed so much in the past 10 years or so and there are likely to be other massive changes in the years ahead. No one is quite sure what the future holds for US poker players but it is bound to be interesting with a number of surprises in store.

US poker players have not found things too easy in the past decade with respect to playing online but there is a genuine hope that improvements are on their way. When the first proper smart phone app is created, it will lead to other companies following suit and it will ensure that other operating systems will be catered for too. It is unlikely that Windows phones will see the first real money US poker app but it will hopefully not be too far behind when it comes to finding a great mobile poker option.