Poker Sites Accepting MasterCard

Given the way that many US poker sites are happy to accept Visa payments from players, it is no real shock to find that MasterCard payments are also accepted. However, while these two companies are major players around the world and viewed in great esteem, they are not equals in the world of online US poker sites.

The problems that arise with MasterCard are that not many sites can process payments after the UIGEA enforced their ban on banks funding online gambling sites. It’s for this reason why the MasterCard option is less popular with sites and causes more problems for players. Anecdotal evidence has uncovered a lot more stories where MasterCard payments have been refused or not honoured by a US poker site, which makes it a less appealing choice for poker players.

That said, Mastercard is still an option at some US poker sites. Below you will find a complete list of all poker sites accepting Mastercard payments from US players. This page is updated often.

Mastercard US Poker rooms in 2022

100% to $500
100%to $1000
100% to $2500
100% to $2500
100% to $1000

Players want reliability and security

When you think about the importance of US real money poker sites, it is understandable that players will opt for the deposit method that is viewed as being the most reliable one. In the current climate of online poker, safety and security are important factors which make the MasterCard option a weaker choice than say pre UIGEA.

However, given how many poker players have a MasterCard, it makes sense that they would look for other solutions or a work around. A good option would be to use a MasterCard to fund a pre-paid card which could then be used to fund the account. This may cost more money in the long run but if it provides a way to get online and ensure that you have funds at your disposal, it is something that many US poker players will consider.

Will there be changes to the industry soon?

It may well be that third party payment companies will come to the fore for US poker players. Given the known difficulties of making payments to poker sites, having an intermediary payment methods may make life a lot easier. There are third party companies like MyPaylinQ that would be able to provide payments to poker accounts for players. At the moment, this is not a viable option but the way the industry is going, it would not be a shock to find that this is an emerging selection for US poker players.

While the reputation of MasterCard at the moment is not at its highest with respect to online poker players in the United States, there is always room for improvement and change. If MasterCard decides to place a greater focus on providing support for US poker players wishing to fund a deposit, then they will have a greater number of people using their services once again for online poker.

At the moment, the Visa option is clearly the stand-out choice for US poker players but that is not to say that this will always be the case. If MasterCard takes the complaints and problems facing US poker players seriously, there is a real chance to mark themselves out as a company that listens to US online gamers, which could see them gain a lot of benefits and bonuses in the long run.