Best Poker Sites for Macs & US Players

Life is hard for US poker fans trying to find a site that provides everything they need but can you imagine what a US Mac poker player has to go through? There are even fewer poker sites that cater for Mac users, making the process of finding a site that provides everything that is needed, to be a laborious one. Thankfully, things are definitely improving when it comes to Mac friendly US friendly poker sites and there are some great ones to choose from.

This problem isn’t just a problem for US poker players; Mac players around the world have had difficulties in finding sites that were suitable for them. In the era when casino and poker sites were fully focused on providing download options, there was a lot of trouble for Mac players. Many would find that they would have to run emulator software in order to get access to the games, which is not something that every Mac user would be comfortable with. Luckily those days are starting to leave us behind and in this modern era of playing poker online mac poker sites for US players are becoming ever more popular.

Times have certainly changed for US Mac poker players and with the plethora of US real money poker rooms available, there is no excuse for US poker rooms to not cater for a wide range of computer hardware options.

These sites are all great examples of US friendly poker rooms that provide Mac access:

A List of the Best Mac Poker Sites for 2022

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100% to $2500
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100% to $1000

Run an Emulator

In essence, many Mac poker players were being forced into running Windows on their machine to gain access to poker games. The memory required to run two operating systems on your machine can be a fair bit and a lot of older machines struggled when working in this fashion. This is thankfully becoming less of a problem for Mac users but there was a time when setting up partitions on a hard drive and running emulator software was part of everyday life for US Mac poker players.

Browser Options Have Brought a Solution

When poker sites started to provide browser options, the world Mac real money poker sites started to get a lot brighter. There was an increasing level of opportunity for Mac users to access poker games including real money poker games. As the bigger names in the industry started providing credible options for Mac users, so the industry started to take the Mac poker player seriously.

Both Java and Flash browser options have helped many poker players to gain access to poker rooms online. It is accepted that these browser rooms are not quite as good value as the download software or full client packages available from some sites but when there was no other easy alternative, they provided a massive step forward for poker players, including US poker players.

The problems that US poker players have experienced are well documented and it is understandable that the US sites have been a slower to react to the needs of Mac users than their European counterparts. However, with the number of Mac users continuing to rise, it is clear that many US poker sites are continuing to bring Mac friendly versions of their software to market. This is why it is great to see a number of US poker sites providing Mac poker sites for US players. Anything which enables more people to gain access to poker sites and games has to be seen as a good thing for the industry as a whole.

Download Provides a Solution Too

Whilst the use of browser play is still prevalent in the US Mac poker set-up, there are download options too. This is great news because many people believe that download options are far better for a poker player. The security aspect is said to be a lot higher, there is a greater chance that the games will run smoother and look better and there is the chance to have more interchangeable features when you download the software to the computer. Instant browser play is a great option to have at your disposal but if you have one Mac that you use all the time, having your favourite poker room’s software downloaded onto it can make life a lot easier for you.