New Poker Sites for USA Players

It is inevitable as confidence grows in the online poker industry in the United States that there will be an influx of new poker sites. With regulations being changed in the US this means that many sites have either been forced to close or re-brand under a new name. Throughout 2022 and beyond we expect to see a lot of new poker sites start to surface and from their it’s important to work out if these poker sites are legitimate or not.

Deeper digging with what you think is ‘new’ poker sites may actually turn out to be a company that pre UIGEA you have already played on. The one thing we can take as a poker community from Black Friday is that regulations have never been tougher for US based poker sites to meet. Whilst it was never an ‘unsafe’ environment in years gone by, these new sites will have had to jump through hoops to even get to the point of accepting players into their site.

Best New Poker Sites for US Players in 2022


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SportsBetting Poker - Voted Best New Site for 2022!

When it comes to new poker sites that have had a positive impact on the online poker community, it is fair to say that Sportingbet has made a lasting impression. There is a strong range of bonuses on offer for new players but it is the amount of games and tournaments that have appealed to many other poker players. This is a site that is already comparing well to the tried and tested online poker names and looks set to be one of the best up and coming poker sites for 2022.


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BetOnline Poker - Released in 2011 + Software Upgrade in 2022!

Even though online poker rooms seem to be popping up all over the place, there are many options that are attached to existing gaming sites. A good example of this is the BetOnline option which brings about a fresh new poker option but combines it with the reputation of an online gaming institution that has been around for a number of years. This provides poker player with a great combination that they can trust in and have no fear about.

New Sites Often Have Better Promotions

It stands to reason that a new poker site will provide more incentives or better offers for players to sign up with their sites. New poker sites have to work harder to stand out from the crowd and they need to offer a unique (or at least lucrative) selling point in order to grab the attention of players. It can be easy for online poker players to overlook a name that they haven’t heard of before but a good promotion can often be the reason that draws players in.

Whether it is a matched deposit bonus, free games, instant cash or some other form of online poker bonus, there are many ways that a new online poker site can promote itself to capture the attention of poker players.

It is up to the player to decide if the bonuses and promotions on offer are going to be enough to make a difference but at least giving the player the choice is a positive issue.

However, it is important to make sure that promotions are not your only focus when looking for a modern poker site. It needs to offer the range of poker games and styles that you like to play. It needs to provide tournaments and sit n go games. It needs to have plenty of players on the site so you can grab a game at any time. It needs to provide the right deposit methods so you can enjoy the game. There is a need for the new site to provide adequate withdrawal methods too. Promotions and bonuses are important but players need to look beyond these measures to find a good new poker site that suits your needs!

How Can You Tell If A Site Is Legitimate

Knowing whether to trust the newest online poker sites can be a difficult. It’s actually pretty easy to patch together a fancy looking website, add the right images of things players want to see, before getting someone to hand over their credit card details. The smaller poker sites will more often than not be associated with a larger poker network that will in turn offer them their ‘skin’ to host with. Companies such as Microgaming, Merge and Cake Poker are all networks which offer these services. If you are unsure go straight to the network provider and ask them about the company.

Have a look at the site and compare it to other poker sites that are trusted and respected by the online poker community. Look to see if there is a live chat system in place or what the terms and conditions are. Looking at the banking regulations and rules may give you an insight into what the site is like or how legitimate it appears.

You should also spend time carrying out searches on the new poker sites and perhaps ask around on poker forums. If other players have tried the site and had bad experiences, there will be criticism of the newer poker sites. One of the best things (and equally the worst things) about the internet is that people are not slow to voice an opinion. This can sometimes be annoying but when you are looking for opinions about an online poker site, this is an excellent commodity.
When you look for a new poker site, make sure you approach with caution and carry out some research before committing yourself. That 20 minutes searching for more information might save you a small fortune in the long run.