Best Android Poker Sites

When it comes to smart phones and tablets, Android is the operating system that reaches out to most people. It would be fair to say that the Apple products overshadow it in hype and prestige but as Android is used by a far wider number of phones and therefore users, it can have the edge. This means that producing an Android app will have the potential to reach out to more players than an Apple app would cater for. This is where US poker sites have to be smart and ensure that they start producing poker apps for the most important operating systems and if this is the case, it is unthinkable that Android would not be included in this list.

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Given that Android users can access the internet with their phones, there is a freedom to surf to US friendly poker sites with these smart phones and tablets. This is great news for players as it provides the opportunity to enjoy online poker wherever you are. The way that people access the internet has changed greatly of late and smartphones and tablets are integral parts of the online communication channels these days. There is a growing demand for online poker from US players and there is also a growing demand for Android US poker options. As usually happens in any competitive industry, consumer demand will see firms responding in time so it would be reasonable enough to assume that there will be Android poker options and apps for US players before too long.

Android poker not yet up to speed for US players

When it comes to finding real money poker options for US players, there can be some difficulties with Android users. Even though Android smartphones enable players to access the internet and load up their favourite pages, it doesn’t help with downloading the software that is required to gain access to the real money games. Some of the best USA friendly poker sites allow players to play free games for fun but when it comes to the cash element, it can be a lot more difficult to find an option that is right for them. This means that Android poker players in the US may be frustrated at their attempts to find a real money poker option but this is not to say that there will not be a solution soon.

What is required is for an Android app to be created for the main US poker sites, which would make all the difference when it comes to playing real money poker with an Android smart phone or tablet. Given that some of the biggest US poker sites provide apps for their casino and sports betting options, it may be that an Android poker app is not that far away. With an ever increasing demand for sports betting, there is a very good chance that these apps will arrive sooner rather than later, which is definitely something that US poker players have been waiting for.

Technology is progressing all the time

With more smart phone and tablets being released all the time and the technology behind them growing bigger and better; there will likely be a huge interest in Android apps for all walks of life. Given the popularity and importance of online poker, there is no doubt that there will continue to be a big focus and interest on Android apps in the coming weeks and months. There is definitely a lot to be said about the big US friendly poker sites introducing these apps but of course, it is up to them to make sure that these are viable and will add value.

There is no doubt that there is a demand for United States real money poker apps, especially on the Android format but the apps need to be able to provide a good real money option for players. This is no doubt the difficult part and it may be that there needs to be further technological improvements before the dream of fully usable US Android apps will become a reality. For now, Android poker fans can play fun and free poker games on the various smart phones and tablets that are available.