Limit Versus No-Limit Texas Hold'em

No-limit Texas hold'em is the most popular poker game online, because it's the variant used at all the big events. People see no limit Texas holdem played on television while watching broadcasts of the World Series of Poker Main Event, the World Poker Tour, or the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. It's natural this game mode is going to be most popular on the Internet.

Limit Texas holdem also has a big following. Some people find the no-limit game a little too wild and woolly for their tastes. They might not like that a bunch of amateurs ruin the game (in their eyes) by pushing all-in at the drop of a hat. They might not like the idea that an opponent with a bigger stack can put their game night in jeopardy at any instant, so they prefer pot limit or cap limit poker.

Limit Texas Hold'em Games

The limit games are more tactical. Players take a more mathematical approach. For gamblers who prefer a more subdued, cerebral game, limit holdem is a better option for them. This is especially true of cap limit, which puts a strict limitation on the size of the pots. In this game, when the maximum is reached for a particular hand, it's considered remaining players are all-in and the hand is played out without any more betting.

The pot-limit poker game is an intermediary step between the two extremes. While a player can't simply call "all-in" and force a showdown, the raises in this game allow a gambler to raise the size of the pot. Since this can involve exponential increases in the betting, the wagers can become substantial. Note that a player doesn't have to double the size of a pot, but it's always a possibility when a wager is made. Still, the limitations imposed require a gambler to base their strategy around rational calculation and less around bluff and bluster.

No Limit Texas Holdem

In the no-limit style of play, no holds are barred. At any time, you can risk it all by betting the full remaining amount of your chip stack. If you have a bigger chip stack than your opponent or opponents, you can put them all-in by saying those two words. That doesn't mean it's going to happen every hand or even often, but the game encourages aggression and initiative. Bluffing with a big raise puts real pressure on your opponent, forcing their hand. No-limit Texas holdem therefore encourages players to seize the initiative and force a reaction on the part of their opponent. Fortunes can turn quickly in the nolimit version of poker.

Big Fish in a Little Pond

When it comes to the top players online, their opinions are split. Some prefer a more elite game by playing the limits, especially if they like the challenge of locking wits with other calculating people. Others prefer to take advantage of the large number of fish who show up at online Texas hold'em no limit tables. New gamblers and bad players flock to the low blind, no limit tables, where they're learning the game which intrigued them from television viewing. So if you prefer to find lousy competition and take advantage, the no limit Texas holdem games online should be your game of choice. Just remember: if you can't tell who the worst player at the table is, that means you're it.